Ultra Siliconizer RC-905

Ultra Siliconizer RC-905

Product Description:

This product is a single component 100% acrylic silicone sealer for roofs and walls with outstanding adhesive properties that will provide a thick, high performance, water and weather resistant seal on most surfaces, usually without need of a primer coating. Due to a transition process, LANCO® Ultra Siliconizer™ normally dries in half the time as other similar products, ensuring a quick and effective installation. It will significantly lower the interior temperature of the structure by reflecting 78% of the suns’ rays and reducing heat received by 90%. This revolutionary technology allows the finish to remain whiter than similar products on the market, maintaining an average solar reflectance of 84% three (3) years after application (as independently tested ASTM C 1549). This ensures a long-term advantage over similar products on the market.  Product will not crack, peel or blister even under severe weather conditions.

Ultra Siliconizer™ exceeds every standard (per ASTM C 794) in adhesion-in-peel testing under laboratory conditions, proving its outstanding adhesive properties over a wide variety of substrates, assuring many years of solid protection on surfaces such as:
• Modified asphalt membranes  • Built-up roofs  • Asphalt roofing  • EPDM (Rubber)
• Bonded tar and gravel  • Wood roof decks  • Concrete roof decks  • Polyurethane foam
• Metal roof decks  • Aged galvanized metals

Product Advantages:
• 100% acrylic / silicone technology  • High UV reflectance values  • High resistance to ozone
• Salt spray resistant  • Insulates and provides a cooler roof  • Excellent resistance to wind uplift
• Excellent resistance to dirt build up  • Excellent permeability allowing substrate to breathe
• Low VOC roof coating  • Ultra fast drying technology  • Excellent mildew and algae resistance
• Primer not needed on roofing substrates in good condition (does not include rust and/or corrosion)
• Applies blue, ultra white when dry 

Performance Standards:
• Miami-Dade County - Ultra Siliconizer surpasses all liquid and physical film properties required by strict Miami-Dade County regulations. In applying Ultra Siliconizer, LANCO guarantees that you are using the very best high performance elastomeric roof sealing product available.
• Energy Star Certified - Ultra Siliconizer is an Energy Star certified roof coating that will provide an energy efficient structure for many years. It will dramatically lower internal temperature of the structure thus requiring less energy for mechanical cooling. Tests preformed in three major American cities prove that Ultra Siliconizer will provide an initial solar reflectance of 78%* and a constant reflectance of 84% after three (3) years (ASTM C 1549) and reduction of 90% of all heat received (ASTM C 1371).
• Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) Certified - Meets the standards for solar reflectance and thermal emittance (radiative properties) of roofing products.
• Federal Specification Standards
- Meets 100% of Federal Specification TT-C-555B as an effective waterproof coating.

Product Tips/Hints:

PRODUCT MUST BE APPLIED AT 50 SQ.FT/GAL. IN AT LEAST TWO (2) COATS 24 HOURS APART FOR A MINIMUM FILM THICKNESS OF 32 MILS DRY  (About the thickness of 12 sheets of paper).  Find your square footage by multiplying the length of an area by the width of that area (i.e. 10 X 100 = 1000 sq. ft. divided by 50 sq. ft. = 20 X 2 COATS = 40 Gallons of product). Apply the first coat by pouring coating onto roof and spreading it at a rate of 50 sq.ft/gal. (32 mils wet).  Avoid going twice over the same area.  Allow 24 hours before applying subsequent coats applying them in the same manner as the first coat. A MINIMUM OF 2 COATS IS REQUIRED WITH A FILM THICKNESS OF 32 MILS DRY
Steeper pitched roofs will require more applications if 50 SQ.FT/GAL. can not be achieved.

Note: Asphalt roofing: 
Prior to application over asphalt roofs the attic area should be very well ventilated (gable vent fan works best) to prevent condensation on the roof or in between the layers of the material or decking.  Be sure all tabs are completely adhered and sealed. Areas where the existing material has blistered, buckled or become wet, must be removed and repaired using similar products or system. Be sure all edges and grooves are completely coated to ensure a uniform thickness. If any large holes, dents, grooves or flashing transitions remain, apply Siliconizer Crack Filler and fabric mesh on those areas not properly sealed. Additional coats may be need in order to provide a completely covered and uniform continuous film.

Surface Preparation

Roofs must have proper drainage and not hold standing water.  Roofs with standing water and improperly drained areas require corrective measures including but not limited to removal and replacement of the affected substrate, addition of drains, the use of Ultra-Level self-leveling compound UL-221, or other approved methods.
Make certain the roof substrate is thoroughly clean and dry. Remove all debris and old loose coatings by any means deemed necessary (high-pressure water, wire brushing, etc.).  Remove all mildew, algae or fungus growth with a 1:3 solution of Chlorine bleach (20%), flushing thoroughly with water and allowing to dry completely.
Patch all cracks, seams and joints with Siliconizer Crack Filler used in combination with Polyester Fabric Mesh.  A base coat of Siliconizer Crack Filler must be applied in which to embed the polyester fabric mesh. Apply a 2nd coat of Siliconizer Crack Filler over mesh prior to application of product.
Select a warm clear day for installation. Consult weather bureau if needed to ensure there is no forecast of rain. Do not apply product after 4:00PM. Product must be kept rain free for at least 6 - 8 hours after application.
Warranty is valid only when product is applied according to the instructions of the label (such as applying it at the specified coverage rate listed above, patching all cracks, seams and joints using reinforcing fabric mesh).  Keep original receipts

Warranty is valid only when product is applied according to the instructions of the label (such as applying it at the specified coverage rate listed above, patching all cracks, seams and joints using reinforcing fabric mesh).  Keep original receipts.
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